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Renewal Links/Forms for Registered Members and Affiliates
Student & Associate Renewal Forms 2018-19      Intern, Graduate & Clinical Member Renewal Forms 2017-18
 - Affiliates - Student, Diploma & Associate Renewal  - Registered Members - Clinical, Graduate, Provisional & Supervisor Renewal
 - Professional Development/Supervision Log 2018-19
 - Professional Development/Supervision Log 2018-19
 - Leave of Absence 2018-19  - Leave of Absence 2018-19
   - Professional Development/Supervision Log 17-18 Current year



Application & Upgrade forms for joining CCAA
Students, Associates, OR Registered Members - Intern, Graduate, Clinical
Student & Associate forms     Registered Member forms     Registered Member information  
    |  - Information sheet for filling out application PDF   |  - Statement of Faith for Members PDF
- Application form Word    - Application form Word   | - Relevant Undergraduate Degree PDF
    PDF - Confidential reference form Word      
- Confidential reference form Word
- Supervisor's Assessment form   Word      
       You may also require:        
 Diploma Counsellor forms        - Supervision Part 4a Word    
 Application form Word      - Supevision Part 4b Word    
Confidential reference form Word      - Supervision Part 4c Word
      - Upgrade Form - all levels Word    
Supervisor Application Form and Guidlines
Registered Supervisor Application  Word      
CCAA Policy on Supervision PDF      
Supervision Contract - Template Word      

Annual Fees/Bank Details

Fees: Chart showing all applicable fees for CCAA Membership  PDF - Fees Chart 
  • Please use the following details for Direct Debit to the State you are wishing to join/pay application fees to.
  • Please include your name and a brief description i.e. SJones_Fees  SJones_PD.
  • Please email the state office with the details of your payment.
NSW   CCAA(NSW) Inc.  Commonwealth Bank of Australia BSB 062 223 Acc. 2801 0353
Qld   CCAA(Qld) Inc.  Suncorp Bank BSB 484 799 Acc. 4536 41295
SA   CCAA(SA)   Bank of South Australia BSB 105 075 Acc. 04696 7640
Tas   CCAA - Tas   My State Financial Acc. 5133 6375 BSB. 807 009
Vic   CCAA(V) Commonwealth Bank of Australia Acc. 1007 6811 BSB 063 020
WA   CCAA(WA) BankWest Acc. 4157 307 BSB 306 051

PACFA Guidelines

PACFA Training Standards - The official guide to PACFA and CCAA Registration requirements

  • PACFA Register Application - For listing on the register is now an online process - please go to the Counselling and Psychotherapy Portal  Click on Login/Register and follow the process.

 Public Liability/Insurance

  • You can obtain a quote by calling the Fenton Green service team on 1800 642 747, visiting or registering your enquiry at [email protected]. For more information about Fenton Green’s offer for PACFA Registrants , please click here to download the flyer.
  • AON offers Public Liability Insurance to Counsellors.  
  • Other Insurance Companies also offer Public Liability.  

Intern, Graduate and Clinical Member - May be Required


CCAA Logos

CCAA Registered members are permitted to copy and use the CCAA logo to promote their services.

 Logo 2018


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