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Supervision 101 Sydney 2019
This programme is designed to provide training for experienced therapists in the art and practice of counsellor supervision. Supervision 101 is an approved ACA supervision course and endorsed by PACFA to meet the formal supervision training standards and therefore participants need to be eligible for listing on the PACFA register.  PACFA also require applicants to complete10 hours of post-course supervision on their additional 50 hours of live supervision.  Dr Barker can also provide this element of your requirement. Completion of this programme will enable the participant to:
  • Define the role and function of supervision
  • Articulate the key differences between the models of supervision
  • Discover the supervision model within which they are most comfortable
  • Articulate the key principles and practice issues in supervision
  • Understand the legal/ethical considerations in supervision
  • Identify the stages in counsellor and supervisor development
  • Demonstrate the best practice methods and techniques in supervision
Event date 15-02-2019 12:00 am
Event End Date 27-04-2019 12:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Location Excelsia College

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The Use of Art as a

Clinical Tool

in Therapy


This Practical workshop will:

  • Define Art Therapy and its therapeutic application
  • Outline a basic process for working with drawings/art
  • Demonstrate the use of art as a diagnostic tool
  • Investigate the neurobiology around the use of art as a way of resolving and storing traumatic memory
  • Provide practical examples of exercises which can be used with broad populations
  • Provide experiential opportunities to ‘play’ with the media
Event date 16-02-2019 9:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Location Morling College
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